The team of doctors of the Urology and Urology Center

The team of doctors of the Urology and Urology Center

The center treats all cases of kidney disease and urinary tract, where it is accurately diagnosed by consultants and competent specialists and seeks with its collaborating partners, such as oncologists and radiologists to provide a helping hand and the best possible treatment to all patients suffering from kidney or organ cancer Reproductive and then preparing a treatment plan for each patient, after completing a detailed conversation session with the patient and discussing all treatment options with him, and this is considered one of the best treatment plan for the patient.

This center is based on treating the following cases:

- Comprehensive tests for kidney and urinary tract diseases.
- Treatment of kidney disease, kidney failure and nephritis.
- Tumors related to the kidneys and urinary tract.
- Detection of stones in the bladder, its course and chronic cystitis.
- Examination and treatment of hematuria, urinary incontinence and urination.
- Treating pain during urination and not being able to hold urine.
- Treating male diseases and impotence in men.
- Early detection and treatment of prostate tumors.
- Breaking of urinary, kidney and ureteral stones.
- Treating urinary tract stenosis and urolithiasis.
- Dialysis.

- The process of installing erection pillars

- Shockwaves for erection

And other diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract.

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